From the restoration of a satinwood commode to custom design of unique architectural features,
our team is available to travel nation-wide to perform these services
in situ in private homes or institutions.
Contact us directly for more information regarding on site projects.


Consult with our head restorer and find out how Stair Restoration can help you
with your specific furniture rehabilitation or architectural project.




Nigel Thomas
Head of Restoration


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Architectural Restoration

Dedication, craftsmanship and

vast knowledge of the building arts are  hallmarks of Stair Restoration’s work to preserve architectural history. We are available to undertake restoration projects on residential and commercial buildings, from detailed work on ceilings, bannisters or cabinetry,
to entire rooms or facades. Our conservation experience, familiarity with historical materials and
hands-on technique ensures that your property will be restored to its original beauty while maintaining historical accuracy.



Furniture Restoration

For more than three decades,
Stair Restoration has worked with curators and private collectors on an extraordinary range of intricate and priceless pieces. From chinoiserie and Mannerist-style furniture,
to Mid-Century Modern and contemporary styles, our skilled restorers understand that every object requires care tailored to its specific history and condition.
Each step in the process is done by hand, starting with a professional assessment to determine the best time-honored technique to bring a piece back to life.

Custom Design

Stair Restoration crafts custom cabinetry and furniture for a wide variety of personal and professional settings. We collaborate with clients to design and create wood furniture in traditional and contemporary styles, as well as architectural features such as
built-in bookcases, countertops
and bannisters. Whether you are interested in replicating a beloved antique piece, or designing a unique piece for your home or office, our specialists ensure that
no project is out of reach.


Gordon and Ann Getty, CA

Rees Roberts & Partners, NY

M-Group, NY

Van Cortlandt House Museum,  NY


Enservio Select, MA

Sotheby's, NY

Michael Smith, CA

Page Ayres Cowley Architects, LLC., NY


Skanska USA, NY

Midtown Payson Galleries, FL

Greentree Foundation, NY

Tuscaloosa Museum of Art, AL


Established by Sotheby’s Furniture Specialist Alastair John Stair in 1980, Stair Restoration
is owned by Colin Stair, the fourth generation expert from a family that specializes in
modern and fine antique furniture.


Stair Restoration is distinguished by the scholarship that forms our unique approach. Before any work
is done, the history and the condition of the project is evaluated to ensure that any restoration
work is authentic and appropriate, and will not alter its intrinsic value.


Head Restorer Nigel Thomas, a West Dean graduate with over 25 years of international conservation
experience, leads our master craftsmen and personally oversees each project, whether on or off site.
Each team member brings a deep knowledge of conservation technique and classic proportion to
architectural restoration, fine furniture care and custom design work.